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The Jackson Group
Department of Forensic and Investigative Science



Bruker amaZon Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer with CTD & ETD

The 3D ion trap is currently being modified for charge transfer dissociation (CTD).   
Helene, Zach, David and Mrio collecting CTD-MS data Zach performing CTD-MS

Thermo Scientific Velos Pro Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer with ETD & CTD

Our linear ion trap is currently modified for  Charge Transfer Dissociation (CTD) reactions spectrometer

Thermo Scientific Exactive (~2011) Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer with CTD

Our Exactive is currently under development for  Charge Transfer Dissociation  (CTD) reactions.
Thermo Exactive

Thermo Finnigan Delta V with Dionex ICS 5000, Isolink and Flash EA

Magnetic sector instrument is capable of bulk 13C, 15N and 34S (simultaneously) through the Flash EA, Bulk 13C from aqueous injections and compound-specific 13C via the Dionex ion exchange/HPLC system and isolink interface. Instrument is currently being used for amino acids in human hair and insects. flash ea

Thermo TSQ Quantum Mass Spectrometer

Typically operated with a DART ion source for cannabinoids or explosives.
thermo tsq

Home Built Tandem Loeb-Eiber/Quadrupole Mass Filter in Custom (Ardara) Vacuum Chamber

Our new vacuum chamber from  Ardara has tandem Loeb-Eiber/Quadrupole mass filter geometry. It currently operates with a glow discharge ion source and Loeb-Eiber mass filter at ~1 Torr. arada

Ancillary Equipment

Thermo Vacuum Oven oven

MiVac Freeze Dryer

pH microelectrode